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H.R. 4213. Critical Legislation for seniors

Brian Deir - Saturday, March 13, 2010
C’mon HR 4213!
Once again we are up against a possible expiration on the Therapy cap exceptions process on April 1st.  We are thankful to the Senate for passing this important extension of benefits for our most frail seniors. This piece of legislation is piggybacking on a provision that would eliminate the 21 percent Medicare cut for Doctors until the end of the year.  The positives are that these provisions have strong bipartisan support. However finding funds to pay for these extensions are the crux of the debate. That is what will be discussed in the House hopefully in the next couple of weeks. If it passes the House it goes to the President for a signature. Democrats would gladly move forward with adding the cost to the current deficit but Republicans want to find a source such as the stimulus to fund the bill .
Either way the House is going to have an up or down vote by the end of March because so many Medicare beneficiaries would be hit so hard by a sudden drop in benefits and Doctors willing to see Medicare patients. Please keep pestering your Congressman to be in favor of this critical Bill.